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I’m in love with the coco (nut oil)

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I’m in love with the coco (nut-oil)

Like the avocado or green tea of yesteryear, let’s introduce coconut oil, from the Caribbean genius nut that has too many uses to count.

By Sarah Barnes – Resident Editor

The coconut is now an all round hero product. First came the coconut water obsession that had to be sipped lightly though a straw, a trend that saw coconut-based drinks appear on shelves all over town. Now the actual coco-nut is having its oily moment. Previously publicised as the new health alternative for cooking, it has seen increased household demand, earning a rightful place next to the hob, in line with the salt and pepper. Coconut oil, which is made from the fleshy white curls, has been promoted as the new super food and used as an alternative to virgin or sesame seed oil for years. Although don’t worry, not everything you cook will taste like a Pina Colada.

It is scientifically proven that coconut oil can speed up the healing process as it naturally increases hydration and reduces water loss as well as being a natural antibacterial and antifungal, helping your skin heal faster from that grazed knee or elbow. Coconut oil has also been used in collaboration with toothpaste brands, as it is a natural teeth whitener with no side effects. The beauty industry has caught on to this miracle nut and is using it in countless beauty products without us knowing. You could always just use the raw version and place it on your cheekbones as a natural highlight. It can be used as an alternative to makeup remover and has also been proven to help calm inflamed acne and discolouration, some even use it as a facemask at night for extreme hydration. It’s a completely natural moisturiser, so goodbye to dry hands left parched from the washing up. If you have split ends or fly away hairs, coat them in coconut oil or why not try it as a shaving cream, dollop it onto your legs and shave away.


Wanting to see what all the fuss was about I bought a jar and exchanged it as the single new product of my beauty regime. My first thought, will I enjoy smelling like a bounty bar? However, the smell dissipates and is not noticeable even to the most sensitive of noses. For seven mornings and evenings I smothered and slathered it in a delicate fashion onto my face as a makeup remover and late night moisturiser. So, were there any visible results? Mentally it was nice knowing that what I was putting on my skin was completely natural and all the chemicals of the highly priced and over advertised skincare products were redundant. I did notice I was subconsciously touching my face a lot, it felt soft and plump and did not breakout. Yes I will admit I am newly converted. Later on towards the chilly months we have in England, why not buy a jar and keep it in your bathroom cabinet or indeed at the office.

Coconut oil is great mixed in with a black coffee for added energy and also reliable for when you feel under the weather, melt a little with some honey and hot lemon water as a natural sore throat killer. So lets welcome the communal office coconut oil. One large tub can sit in the cupboard ready for natural quick fixes so you can share the benefits of this super nut with your colleagues. Who knows what the coconut will do next?