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Introduction to our Charities for 2017

Every year meetingsclub will personally donate 10% of its profits to charity, each member of the team will also donate a minimum of 24 hours a year to help the chosen charities and we hope to increase our fundraising at events and donations.

This year we have chosen Children with Special Needs Foundation as our chosen charity for 2017/18.

– by Alison Jenkins, CEO meetingsclub

Children with Special Needs Foundation

Their aim is to raise funds to support individuals, groups and schools in their requests for equipment, holidays and tuition and to provide essential care for children with special needs in Surrey, East Berkshire and North Hampshire. This also includes assisting very talented children who are finding it difficult to reach their true potential without support.

Children with Special Needs was formed by Gordon and Ann Parris in 1995 when they were the Mayor and Mayoress in the Borough of Surrey Heath.  The inspiration for the charity was an amazing boy called Nick Ivil who has Downs Syndrome and made a lasting impression on Gordon and Ann and this is where their truly incredible journey to raise money for children with special needs began.

Nick is still very much involved in the charity and regularly attends cheque presentations and fundraising events. Nick is still an inspiration to everyone, both his parents are now involved with the charity, with Chris being the current Chairman.

The focal aim of the charity is to provide help to children with special needs, and to support their families, schools and clubs. They aim to avoid the cumbersome red tape and administration of other charities and organisations by identifying a need and where possible offering a quick and positive response. Small enough to be personal but big enough to be effective. The foundation is genuinely flexible and can provide significant and lasting financial or material help through many connections and the superb support of their patrons, benefactors and the tireless work of their committee members.  

‘Special needs’ can mean a child with a disability or a very special talent that would not be fulfilled without help. They are very conscious that they must also include exceptionally talented children in our definition of “special needs” and always try to keep a varied cross-section of recipients. None of the committee realised at the start how great the need is. The Home Counties is far from the leafy urban suburbs the media would have us believe and many families with special needs children are struggling to cope and feel they have no one to turn to.

Close friendships have been formed that last to this day, and what initially started as a charity to run during Gordon and Ann’s Mayoral year is still growing stronger day by day. 

There aim has always been to ‘put a smile on tomorrow, today’ and 20 years and millions of pounds on we remain true to that ethos.


Past Charities

During our launch year we chose to support two wonderful causes, the Beyond Food Foundation and Fight For Sight, both had meant a huge amount to myself and the team. We were so pleased with the help of our very generous clients, family and friends to have raised over £13,000 at our first Charity Ball, amazing.

If you would like to know more about these two fantastic causes, just click on the links below.

Fight for Sight

Beyond Food